The 2016-2017 Football season is upon us!  The road to the start of the season is one filled with hard work, commitment, and dedication which is something that Coach Anthony Gonzales is working on driving home into these Lovington athletes.  As the new head coach of the Lovington Wildcats, Coach Gonzales begins his journey in New Mexico after working as a coach in Texas for the past 13 years.  He allowed me to tag along this summer in order to get some video and see what goes in to getting ready for the upcoming season... We also sat him down to find out more about Coach Gonzales.







Lovington, NM Class of 2017 Graduation Walk - The senior class of 2017 enjoyed the morning sharing the celebration and excitement of the upcoming graduation with each of the schools in Lovington.  The elementary school kids were grinning ear to ear as they watched the Class of 2017 parade down the hallways and the older students shed a few tears as they watched their friends moving on to the next chapter in their lives!