Clothing is so important to a great image... I LOVE color!  I recommend wearing layers as much as possible to add interest and texture.  Add elements with a texture such as chunky sweaters, buttons, ribbon, etc.  

Accessorize!!  Bring out your funky boots, yellow heels, jewelry, blazer, hats, scarves, mittens, etc.  These types of accessories can really make a simple photography SO MUCH better!  Please avoid large logos or cartoon characters on your clothing as it distracts from the true subject of the image!


Family Sessions

For Family sessions I recommend picking a few colors and sticking to them for the entire family.  Matching too much can look a little overdone, the key is to coordinate, not to look like clones! :-)  If you need additional help, just ask me... I'd love to give you some additional tips and recommendations!




What to Bring

1. Bring clothing for ALL the seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter. Yes, all of them.

2. Bring winter stuff even when its 110 degrees outside. Remember, in the studio we can crank up the A/C

3. Everything on hangers. Wrinkled clothing does not photograph well.

4. Hats, scarfs, coats, jackets, sweaters

5. Hobby stuff, guitars, sunglasses

6. School stuff – instruments, footballs, helmets, bats, volleyballs, golf bag, etc.

7. Make up, lip gloss, powder...


Why In-Studio Portraits?

Beautiful studio portraiture is becoming a lost art. 

Many photographers are now “natural light, on location” photographers due to the overwhelming challenge of mastering studio light. I get it... It’s not easy, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

The beauty of studio lighting is the fact I can create the softest, most beautiful light AND then create harsh moody light. I control everything. The light, the shadows, the pose, the mood, …

Studio lighting can create soft shadows or deep shadows (I LOVE shadows!)

You deserve beautiful studio lighting in your portraits! In fact, most of the portraits hanging in my clients home are from my studio work.


Make-Up Tips


Makeup for photography needs to go on heavier than normal daylight wear. We need additional contrast for the makeup to “pop”

Use more powder than you think you need! We want to bring down the shine on the skin.

Did I mention MORE powder?

Lip gloss should be is a solid color & one shade deeper than normal. Lip liner of the SAME color is good too.

Eye liner can really make those eyes pop too!

Bring your makeup case with you for touch up. Especially lip gloss.

Did I mention MORE powder?